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AyoWork comes From Experience

Why AyoWork?

Ayowork was born out of founder Aram Goganian’s need to create a wholly encompassing manufacturing digital ecosystem for his business, Predator Cycling LLC, a custom carbon bicycle manufacturer in the Greater Nashville, TN area. The platform is in alpha testing and is a proven concept for bi-directional workflow processes between AI-learning protocols, metaverse development, and physical production.


The chief goal of Ayowork is to fully digitize a company in parallel with the real physical entity in an AI-based learning environment. We build and simulate all of the machinery and equipment used to build our bikes. Predator optimizes the production lifecycle by integrating AI technologies for design, production, prototyping, and web-based customer integration. 

Research Phase

AyoWork is currently in active R&D in the hopes of creating a commercially available product that will completely alter the future of business!

By Predator Cycling LLC.

Friends of The AyoWork Platform

AyoWork’s Phase 1 Research is supported by the following companies:

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