NVIDIA Omniverse Customer Success Story

Predator Cycling LLC. is on the verge of Metaverse integration in the bicycle industry. Read more to find out how we’re using digital twin technologies and Omniverse ecosystems to create a new App Platform for manufacturing workflow improvements.

What is the AyoWork Platform Application and How Does it Work?

The foundation of Ayowork is in the bi-directional collection and distribution of data. It’s basis lies in macro-level thinking based on the data collection of micro-modules planted in various areas of business, whether that be physical machine-coded protocols, backend software engines, or web-based platform integration.

How is AyoWork Different?

Ayowork is a key part of the universal integration of an array of existing web platforms. Ayowork’s intent is to utilize commercially available ERP and PLM software and more for data collection and to extrapolate said data using APIs for universal integration.

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